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After-Care Instructions Winnipeg

Following your appointment or treatment with Dr. Alanna Junaid at Edge Dental in Winnipeg, adhering to these post-operative instructions will contribute to your effective recovery and continued oral health.

Crown & Bridge Appointments

Be patient with the adjustment period for your new bite. Recognizing changes in tooth position or thickness takes time. If you notice bite issues, contact Dr. Alanna Junaid at Edge Dental in Winnipeg for an adjustment appointment.

Expect temporary hot and cold sensitivity. Your teeth need healing time after structural changes. Gums may also be sore. Alleviate discomfort with warm salt water rinses (1 teaspoon salt in 1 cup warm water) thrice daily and mild pain medication (Tylenol or Ibuprofen) as directed.

Speech adjustments are common initially. Increased salivary flow may occur due to the altered teeth size. Maintain meticulous oral hygiene and attend regular cleanings for long-term success.

Avoid hard and sticky foods to safeguard new dental work. Minimize staining substances like coffee, red wine, and tobacco. Wear a custom mouthguard for sports or teeth grinding at night.

Tooth Extractions

After extraction, biting on gauze pads for 30-45 minutes helps form a blood clot. Avoid activities that dislodge the clot, such as rinsing vigorously or drinking alcohol. Swelling and pain are common—apply ice and follow pain medication instructions.

Resume your dental routine after 24 hours. Maintain proper oral hygiene to speed healing and prevent infection. Contact Dr. Alanna Junaid immediately for excessive bleeding, severe pain, prolonged swelling, or adverse reactions.

Composite Fillings

Expect numbness post-anesthetic use; avoid chewing or hot beverages until sensation returns. Some sensitivity is normal—pain relievers can help. For persistent discomfort or increased sensitivity, reach out to Dr. Alanna Junaid.

You can chew on composite fillings once numbness subsides. Uneven bite or persistent pain warrants a call to your dental office.

Cosmetic Reconstruction

Adjusting to a new bite takes time. Temporary sensitivity and increased salivary flow are normal. Maintain oral hygiene and avoid foods that could damage new dental work.

Wear custom mouthguards for sports and teeth grinding. Reach out to your dental office if issues persist.

Root Canals

After root canal therapy, numbness may last several hours. Avoid chewing and hot beverages until sensation returns. Minor wear-off of temporary fillings is common. If lost entirely, arrange for a replacement.

Discomfort is expected after a root canal—follow prescribed pain medication instructions. If antibiotics are given, complete the course. Protect your tooth, maintain hygiene, and contact Dr. Alanna Junaid if concerns arise.

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