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Primary teeth (baby teeth, milk teeth) are the set of 20 teeth that children get initially in preparation for having adult teeth. Primary teeth are very important for maintaining good nutrition by permitting your child to chew properly, are involved in speech development , and help the permanent teeth by saving space for them and guiding them into position. The front four baby teeth are usually present until 6-7 years of age and the back baby teeth aren’t replaced until age 10-13.

Children’s teeth begin forming before birth and can be affected by any problems encountered during pregnancy. While the normal times for the baby teeth to erupt through the gums show a lot of variation, the first teeth to erupt usually appear around age 6-10 months. The first teeth to come in are usually the lower central incisors. All 20 of the primary teeth usually appear by age 3 but the pace and order of eruption varies. Below is a guideline and chart for the usual range of eruption times for the primary teeth. Keep in mind that the eruption times can vary greatly so don’t worry if you little one is a little ahead or behind.

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