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A torus is a bony elevation that forms a hard, visible mass in the mouth, typically appearing in the premolar region. It usually develops in the late teen or adult years. While a torus typically doesn't affect basic oral functions like eating, speaking, or swallowing, it can pose challenges when it comes to denture placement. In such cases, surgical removal may be necessary.

Tori are relatively common and are often painless. However, if you experience symptoms consistent with a torus and are either in pain or experiencing obstruction, it's advisable to seek the expertise of Dr. Alanna Junaid in Winnipeg.

In general, a torus does not require medical treatment unless it becomes painful, interferes with the placement of dentures, or is prone to injury from sharp foods like potato chips or fish bones. Treatment typically involves the removal of the torus by a skilled dentist experienced in performing such procedures.

At the first sign of any unusual symptoms related to a torus or any other oral condition, it's essential to consult Dr. Alanna Junaid for a proper diagnosis and prompt treatment.

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