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Malocclusion and Orthodontics Winnipeg

Malocclusion, commonly known as crooked teeth or a "poor bite," can be effectively corrected through orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontists are dental specialists trained to address malocclusion. They employ various tools and techniques, including braces, to move teeth and, in some cases, realign the jaw to achieve optimal alignment.

Common causes of malocclusion include inadequate or excessive room for teeth in the jaw. In children with small jaws, teeth may grow into cramped spaces, leading to misalignment. Additionally, habits like thumb-sucking, pacifier use, and tooth loss can contribute to crooked teeth.

Recognizing Malocclusion

The most visible sign of malocclusion is crooked or protruding teeth, which can range from mild to severe. While often a cosmetic concern, severe cases may interfere with eating or speech.

Early Detection and Treatment

Dr. Alanna Junaid routinely screens for malocclusion during children's dental checkups. If misalignment is detected, a referral to an orthodontist may be recommended. The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that all children have an orthodontic checkup by age 7.

Orthodontic Assessment

During an orthodontic evaluation, an orthodontist will:

  • Inquire about past health issues.
  • Examine the mouth and teeth.
  • Take X-rays and photographs of the face and teeth.
  • Create a plaster model of the teeth.

Early Start for Dental Health

Begin your child's dental visits at Edge Dental around age 12 months to acclimate them to dental care and detect issues early. Maintain regular checkups every six months.

Treatment Approach

For children and teens, treatment may involve extracting specific teeth to make room for incoming ones. Subsequently, braces will be affixed to straighten teeth and, if necessary, align the jaw.

Retainers may be needed post-treatment to prevent teeth from shifting as one ages.

Adults can also benefit from braces for straightening teeth, but jaw realignment typically requires surgery.

Financial Considerations

Orthodontic treatment, including braces, can be costly, and many insurance plans do not cover it. Before starting treatment, it's essential to understand the expenses and plan for payment.

Contact (204) 888-3708 or consult Dr. Alanna Junaid to explore whether sealants can enhance your preventive dental care.

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